This Is What A Hiatus Looks Like

I'll just make it short & sweet. I'm not really feelin' it anymore. I'm gona keep the blog up incase inspiration suddenly strikes & I want to come back to it. It's been rad, though :D



The Casual Heartbreaker

This is what true love is. Unknowingly and achingly beautiful, able to rend your heart in two with its simple honesty. Henry & Evelyn; I hope you found each other, wherever you wound up. 


Listening To: Scattered Trees, The Rusted Hearts

I had the most awesome weekend. One of my favorite bands, Scattered Trees announced that they are disbanding & starting a new project (On And On). I was heartbroken, but when I realized that their second last show was right here in the 612 I flipped my shit, for lack of a better term. I remember the exact time & place where I first heard these guys & their music has meant a lot to me.

 Miles Nielson and the Rusted Hearts opened for the show & as soon as my eye caught their clarinet & soprano sax they had me spell bound. I'm a sucker for true musicians & they did not disappoint. $20 later I was 2 CD's richer.

All I can give are a farewell & a warm hello to my old & new favorites. If you've been following me for (quite) a while, you've seen Scattered Trees before but my motto is Never Enough so here's s'more, in tribute to the old & the new. 

Miles Nielson & the Rusted Hearts

Update:: I just realized that these videos may not work, but I promise it'll be worth your while if you follow them to youtube. Sorry bout that. 


Listening To: Kimbra

Ladies & Gents.. I think I just watch Kimbra make a pop-jazz-blues infusion & pour it into my ears like liquid gold.




I had THE best 21st birthday ever! Every text & line dropped on my facebook made it special, so thanks guys!

Everybody should get to hit the sauce a little hard on their 21st birthday, don't you agree? Just incase you find yourself in a new city on a Friday, Saturday night or even a Wasted Wednesday or Thirsty Thursday, don't worry I got you covered.

Take your fine self over to Where The Fuck Should I Go For Drinks & figure where you're going the fuck out!

A quick preview: 


Do It All By Yourself

I've been raiding the Budget Living section of Apartment Therapy's website. They are chock-full of DIY ideas over there. I think I've nailed these two down as my favorites. Follow the links below for the full how-to's. I'm itching to get around to making a contact paper laptop cover to hide all the dings my computer is sporting. 

1 // 2



Internet gods, I need your help. I stumbled across this ensamble on Pinterest & I fell in love with it. Pretty much every one of these pieces is a basic staple of any closet, but mine has a notable lack of white shirts. I have no idea where to find a shirt like the one pictured. Help a girl out?


Apartment Envy: Wide Open Spaces

Personally, I could flip a coin to decide which of these places to travel to & I'd be perfectly delighted with either of them; the lavender fields of North Carolina or Lac Rose of Senegal. 

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GUYS GUYS GUYS GUYS GUYS........ Guess What?

Guess who just opened her Etsy Shop?? This girl!! I am super stoked. Last weekend I decided to make myself a hammock chair just for fun, because I'd never completed a macrame project that big before. I fell in love with the finished product. Like seriously, I have not been able to take my eyes off of it for the last week. 

As it happens my life took an unfortunate turn of events the week before. I suddenly found myself unemployeed & with a huge amount of time on my hands. When I got the hammock done I was on a crafter's high, reveling in the finished product. I was really let down afterwards, all I wanted to do was keep on creating. 

I have posted about Etsy more times than I care to count, even saying that I wanted to open my own shop. It took me a bit, but last night I finally connected the dots! 

Click here to check me out  >>> HERE!

Right now I only have the hammock chairs up, but I am literally  O V E R F L O W I N G  with ideas. 

I can't wait to get my first order so I can start with some new stuff!