Summer Do List

Is this not the picture of summer perfection? I saw it a while ago on my friend Liz's blog, which I can't get enough of. I highly recommend it. 

There is just one problem with my summer thus far. 
I haven't left my apartment for anything other than food in 3 days. Yeah, sad I know. I'm going out of my mind. As it happens, I'm obsessed with making lists; probably more so with crossing things out because it feels so damn good. So here goes.. 

#1: Get my music library in line. It's like a digital jungle at the moment. 
#2: Read stuff! Currently on my list:
  • This Side of Paradise, F. Scott Fitzgerald (confession; I'm reading this right now. I put it on here just so I could cross it off.)
  • The Lotus Eaters. I found a vintage copy at a garage sale. I got through the first chapter only to find out the main character is an Orangutan. Not what I was expecting.
  • Poems by Lord Alfred Tynneson. I love old school poetry/literature in general.
  • Re-read Jane Eyre. Seriously, the best book I've ever read. 

#3: Devote one afternoon to Lies Chelsea Handler Told Me, I'm sure that's all it'll take.

#4: Research Buddhism. My boyfriend judges me for this one. But he can get bent. 

#5: Start an Etsy store. I got ideas man, even some product at the moment.
#6: Write A Closet-Needs List. I'm sick of even looking at the stuff I wore in highschool. If you're in a similar situation, take a look at Lauren Conrad's book, Style. She lays out what a good closet foundation is really well. 

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