DIY: Faux-Expensive Lamp Shade

I'd just like to say that I didn't find this DIY anywhere, I --me, myself-- came up with it. I'm kinda proud!
This lamp shade usually goes for $150 online. Depending on how many of the needed materials you have lying around, this project could cost as little as $20. This one's a little lengthy, but the end results are totally worth it!

                                                                     Source: shadesoflight.com via Emma on Pinterest

    Canopy Fresh Ivory Silk-Blend Drum Lamp Shade
  • Lampshade (check out Walmart's, $15)
  • Mod Podge, $5
  • Fabric paint (any color) $1-5
  • Sheer polyester fabric (think cheap gauzy curtain material), $?
  • Duct tape! $4
  • Scrap cardboard (use a fairly large piece)
  • An image to screen print
  • Something to squeegee paint with 
  • An old paint brush

Phase 1: How To Make a Printing Screen
For this bit, I've taken directions from crafterhour's blog because they're probably more articulate than anything I could manage. Although the images don't match this project, they illustrate the process pretty well & can apply to any project.

1. Make a frame using scrap cardboard. Place your image on top of two pieces of scrap cardboard. Eyeball it to make a hole in the center of two pieces large enough for your image + a 1" border all the way around. Cut the hole in both pieces. Using two pieces gives you the rigidity you need for a frame. Wrap it smoothly all the way around with duct tape. Both sides. You want the frame to be as waterproof as possible.

2. Trim your screen fabric to at least 1/2" wider than your frame all the way around. 

3. Place the frame on top of your fabric. Wrap the edges around snugly your frame, duct taping one side at a time, tightly but not so tight that it warps your fancy custom handmade frame. Tape opposite sides first, going in a circle will make warping more likely. Then place over a copy of your image, center and trace onto the fabric. For this project, the image is symmetrical so in theory you can hand draw half of it to fit on your lamp shade. 

4. This is where Mod Podge comes in; it fills in the tiny holes that paint seeps through. To do this, place magazines (or whatever you have laying around) under the sides of the frame so the inner fabric portion of the screen is elevated. Use your old paint brush to paint over the all negative spaces in the image you want to print (i.e. the spaces that you do not want to print on the lamp shade). Make sure to get all the way out to the edge of the frame. Let dry. 

5. Seal off the edges where the fabric of the screen meets the frame so you don't get paint seeping through in random corners (masking tape will work better for this than duct tape)

Phase 2: Printing
*Make sure you TEST your screen before you jump into printing on the lamp shade. 
**Before you print on the lamp shade tape off the edges/trim or you will get paint on them.
1. Place your screen over the print surface , center it & tape it down. Make sure it lays flat & there are no gaps.

2. Drop paint at the top of the screen and drag it down with the squeegee.
3. Pick up the frame and see how it looks! 

4. For this project, you'll need to let the lamp shade dry before you print on it again to finish the pattern (you'll need to print it a few times to get all the way around the circle). 

The End!

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