My Birthday Is Only 2 Months Away....... *hint*hint*

Guess who just signed a new lease with her loverman?
This girl :) Our curent apartment
looks like a catalogue for Urban Outfitters & I bare no shame for that. The way I see it, you like what you like & you can't apologize for that. No matter if people call you a hipster or whatnot, you just got to do ya thang.

I am super excited for a HUGE space upgrade with this apartment, we are going to have legitimate walls! I cannot WAIT to get this mural up, maybe use it as a curtain so it's backlit. Idk, we'll figure it out.

8.3 x 7 feet aint nothin to sneez at, yet Urban Outfitters has it at a supper cheap price of only $50!

Funny how I also have a birthday coming up, huh?


  1. pretty cool! too badk its backordedred..

  2. mama you're breakin my heart :(

    (elton john voice) don't go breakin my heart. I know you couldn't if you tried.