Girl Crush: Emma Watson

I instantly love a classy girl who's not afraid to get a bit silly. Or a lot silly. I mean just for starters, she's done 8 movies about magic. Silliest thing ever, the end. Getting to smear lipstick all over your face whilst wearing $1000+ see-through gowns is just a happy side-effect. I adore these photos for Vs Magazine by Ellen von Unwerth.

Emma Watson by Ellen von UnwerthEmma Watson by Ellen von Unwerth

Emma Watson by Ellen von Unwerth

Further proving my point that she's not afraid to go out on a limb, I almost choked when I saw her pixie cut. I mean, after 10+ years of the same hair style it takes balls to step out like that. Even if I didn't adore the new(ish) cut (which I do), I'd still admire the hell out of her for that reason alone. 

emma watson short hair ugly. emma watson short hair 2010.

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