4 Things I Am Grateful For

1. My Mom. You know those ridiculous, free spirit characters you see on TV, a la Dharma (Dharma & Greg) & Pheobe (Friends), that you secretly envy because they're so obliviously blissful? That's my mom in a nutshell. 

2. My Baby Tree. You would not believe the difference one little plant can make in a room, try it sometime. 

3. My (Expensive) Education. With more than half of the world's population uneducated & living in poverty, who am I to skip a 9:30 class?

4. Being short. There have been numerous times through the years when I've bitched & moaned about being little, but I honestly wouldn't change anything about myself. It was hard won battle for self respect, & I cherish it all the more. 

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