So all of you, my dear friends, are asking me where I find this stuff & how to find it yourself. Well, the simple answer to your questions is a big "I don't know." However, I will tell you that the majority of my finds never make it on to my blog, I have a big supercomputer file for that. It's called. pinterest. It's basically a global display board that gives you the chance to create your own personal mood boards to fill with whatever you like, interiors, graphic design, pretty pictures of ponies, whatever. If you'd like to see some of the gold I've got stashed over there, follow this link to my pinterest page.

To become a member your self you have to request an invite. They generally come through pretty quick, so definitely give it a try! When you become a full member (it's free) you can follow me so you can keep up with all the nifty things i find along my wandering way, if you wish.

If you don't have time to figure out pinterest at the moment, no worries. Here's a smattering of a few things from my own boards.

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