Postcards From Penguin

Show of hands, who has ever read a Penguin published book? Oh thats funny, all of you. Or at least everyone that finished gradeschool. Penguin is probably THE most well known publisher on the planet, doin their thang since 1935. In honor of their 75th anniversary they issued a collection of 100 amazing Penguin paperback covers as postcards, including everything from classics to crime fiction. Thanks to my overdeveloped Googling skills, I found a sneak peak of some of the covers.

So, those of who did indeed finish grade school are wondering about the quality of my math skills. Well they're not great, but they are good enough to know that 1935 + 75 years = 2010. So yes, I'm a little slow on the uptake, but whatever. If I let myself go on about this I'll probably be here all night so let me just say this... 1) The graphic design of pretty much all of Penguin's publications slays me & 2) The packaging on this collection is phenomenal (see below).

Okay, the end. Time to force myself away from the computer.

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