DIY: Elbow Patches

Personally, I find elbow patches to be the absolute-most adorable thing, ever. I find it sad to say that I don't own a pretty grey sweater like the one pictured here (see exhibit A by abeautifulmess, who I totally scammed this from), but I swear I'm going to find something to try this out on.

You Will Need:
 A cardigan
Some cute fabric (scraps)
Washable or fabric marker
1 sheet of cardstock
Thread & Needle

1. Using the fabric marker, make an X on each sleeve right at the point of your elbow

2. Cut a heart out of your cardstock to use as a stencil, make sure it fits perfectly on the sleeve. Resize if necessary. 

3. Use the stencil to cut out two hearts from your fabric.
4. Pin the hearts into place. Make sure the center of each heart is centered on the X you drew earlier

5. Thread your needle, weave your thread & get to stitchin'. 

6. Repeat on the other sleeve & viola! Your cardigan is now doubly cute-ified. 

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