Oh hai, Mistinguett, famous French actress from a vintage era, how are you doll? I am completely obsessed with this picture, I've been google searching it for two weeks.
I needs to find it n' get it n' hang it. 

Mistinguett…love this poster.

Elevator Music

I kid you not, 10 minutes later I've stumbled across this exact print here along with a BUNCH of others that are just as amazing. The $60 price tag is a bit disappointing but still, I'm excited. She seems to be quite a character, no? Oh, OUI.... I crack myself up. 

Mistinguett, Casino de Paris Giclee PrintMistinguett, Bonjour Paris Giclee Print
Mistinguett Giclee Print
Mistinguett Giclee PrintMistinguett, Casino de Paris Giclee Print

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