Wild Heart

"I can't have an identity crisis because my identity is always changing and therefore never changes." -- Dharma Finklestien Montgomery

"Blame it on my wild heart." -- Stevie Nicks

Two women whose KoolAid I would drink. Not kidding, I am obsessed with them. I think I've watched this back stage footage about 10 times now. 

All that might seem kindof random, so I'll break it down for you. Everyone has had hit-and-miss Christmas presents; its when the people closest to you take their best shot at guessing at your style. Sometimes the outcome is good, sometimes hilarious, & sometimes hurtful (read: never buy anyone clothing that isn't one size fits all).  

I've had a lot more misses than hits. I was wondering why that is & why everyone is shocked at the things that come out of my mouth most of the time, like my own friends should know me well enough not to be so weirded out kindofthing. Then I realized - I am forever changing, wild at heart.

Not 24 hours later, a I am watching an old Dharma & Greg rerun, unaware that Dharma is about to go through an identity crisis. As she finally reaches the closure of the crisis & returns to peace within herself she says, "So, I can't have an identity crisis because my identity is always changing, and therefor never changes."

I took it as the Universes' way of affirming my identity  

& That is a beautiful thing. So, thanks Universe. 

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