Fair warning, this post is not lovely or pretty or nice at all but it is about something I am passionate about.

Question: Do you like animals? Mk, well I know people who don't & they are the jerks. So you should visit the Fight Animal Testing website & sign their petition to take animal rights out of cosmetics testing & not be a jerk. Lush's video explains the situation in the UK. It's pretty heartbreaking & it would really mean a lot to me if you did. I am personally going to start researching the brands I buy & if they don't measure up I'll be switching to ones that do.

This is the grusome part of this post.  Jacqueline Traides did an anti-testing performance piece on the streets of London. She is a trained performance artist & activist. The images are meant to shock, to project the pain that millions of animals go through. This is a challenge to all women. Our beauty routines are supposed to make us feel good about ourselves, but beneath all that the beauty industry is down right murderous.

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