Apartment Envy: Daydreamin

Not so very long ago it was moving day for me. That was a rough week. It was just the man & me moving across campus. Moving just an apartment doesn't sound like a ton of work but it was brutal. Thank god Ikea makes light furniture, otherwise I think I would have tipped over & died. Three weeks later I still wake up with a back I can barely bend. 

The new place is over 1.5 times bigger than the other place (I did the math) & it is incredible what a difference it makes. I literally wake up some mornings & wander around. I have a few plans & schemes in my head already, decor-wise. (See exhibit A :D) 

To the point: I'm looking for ways to bring some color into the place. White walls, carpet, couch (mistake), & dining furniture leave the apartment light & airy, but it needs something. Like a cool statement wall or funky colored curtains. 

As a side note, I would DIE to have this pattern incorporated somewhere. Alas, it is a wallpaper & that's a no-no for us renters.

Obviously, none of this is happening. I'm just daydreaming.

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