Listening To: Scattered Trees, The Rusted Hearts

I had the most awesome weekend. One of my favorite bands, Scattered Trees announced that they are disbanding & starting a new project (On And On). I was heartbroken, but when I realized that their second last show was right here in the 612 I flipped my shit, for lack of a better term. I remember the exact time & place where I first heard these guys & their music has meant a lot to me.

 Miles Nielson and the Rusted Hearts opened for the show & as soon as my eye caught their clarinet & soprano sax they had me spell bound. I'm a sucker for true musicians & they did not disappoint. $20 later I was 2 CD's richer.

All I can give are a farewell & a warm hello to my old & new favorites. If you've been following me for (quite) a while, you've seen Scattered Trees before but my motto is Never Enough so here's s'more, in tribute to the old & the new. 

Miles Nielson & the Rusted Hearts

Update:: I just realized that these videos may not work, but I promise it'll be worth your while if you follow them to youtube. Sorry bout that. 

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