living like a student.

well, here goes my first real post! =]

As an interior design student, I can definitely say that 'student housing' is killing me. When people hear the term the first thing that comes to mind is itty bitty living spaces (shout out the Genie from Aladin). But I don't think that's really the issue. 

Case and point; in the apartment i'm renting at the moment I can make a pretty good guess that the entirely digusting linoleum tile installed EVERYWHERE cost about .99 cents sometime back in the 70's and on the rug that came with the apartment I can see two spots where someone actually lit it on fire and where someone probably had a voilent puking fit. gross. I also have about 1 square foot of counter space means my kitchen table is usually piled high with dirty dishes.

this list could go on and on, believe me; unfinished paint jobs, a stove that leaks CO2, etc etc. But i won't put you through that negative energy. my point is this; the problem in student housing isn't space, it's materials and taste. And let me tell you, being surrounded by materials of poor taste/function is taking its toll on my mental faculties. It's like putting some one who's claustrophobic in an elevator and asking them to write an essay on proxemics theory. 

I'm moving into a new apartment in about 2 months & I can hardly stand the waiting. obviously, I'm on a tight budget but my goal is to turn it into a space that I actually want to live in. Sooo without further ado, here's a little concept montage!

Wall color;

Living room:



My apologies for the haphazardness of the images, i'll get better at this i promise! also, if you keep reading this blog you'll come to know that I LOVE Ikea. I mean seriously almost every item here, with the exception of the couch, costs under $100. How awesome is that?

Until next time!...

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