Bri Emery

Bri Emery, a graphic designer over in LA, is a total stranger to me. I've never laid eyes on her, spoken to her over the phone, or had any sort of communication with her whatsoever. But, I follow her work & I find that I love her, or at least how I perceive her through her work. Always equal parts simple, quirky, & fun, it inspires me. I'm a huge fan of her blog, designlovefest (where type & images totally make out) & I can't get enough of her pinterest page. Her style is absolutely fabulous. She's been featured on Design Sponge, is the art director of Rue Magazine, & designed Lauren Conrad's new blog (the beauty department). Plus she's fricken adorbs, just look at that face. Better yet, check out her portfolio. It will amaze, I guantee it. 

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