Friends With Benefits

A few days ago I scored free tickets to an advanced screening of Friends With Benefits & it was pretty awesome. I mean, yes the plot-line was painfully predictable but it was so damn funny that I forgot about it. It's kindof hard to keep a mental checklist of predictions when you've got an eyeful of Timberlake-ass as he's trying to pee with a hard on (yes, you read that right). & It just so happens that I have the hugest girl-crush on Mila Kunis, too. I love that her style is so effortless. Let me tell you, I'm pretty lazy so I'm all for effortless no matter what the context is. They also play one of my all-time favorite songs over and over and over again (Closing Time, Semisonic... not Third Eye Blind). So uh, yup I'm a fan. Check it out :]

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