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Foxes is an online shop based out of New Zealand that pedals anything from art to clothing to housewares. They handpick their designers, so you know the work is always top notch. Basically, if they like it, they sell it, which is pretty much the exact same sentiment behind this blog. 

How fitting is that? 

So, just to give you an idea of the insane cuteness goin' on over there, these are a few of my favorite pieces. In case you don't know, I'm giving you fair warning... I have an unhealthy obsession with huskies(also penguins, elephants, & puppies in general). This piece literally made me do the boo-boo lip. That's how friggin' cute it is. 

Sarah McNeal


This could be my all time favorite piece. An old tea cup repurposed into a candle. If you learn how to make your own candles (which is not that hard at all, I know a few people who do it) it holds endless DIY possibilities. Plus it's just lovely as hell. 

This little number even made it out to the Auckland Fair, where they were sold in pretty pairs and on strings of lights by the creators, ethel & harriet.

Their jewelry is just as awesome. As a child I was always fascinated by my mother's crystal lariat. These give an even more interesting twist to the necklace. Wooden crystals. Who knew?

Both designs are from Bliss in a Tea Cup designers. 
$60(no. 1) / / / (no. 2) #45

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