In case you're looking for something to spice up your sunday night, or to brace yourself for another Monday at work.... I have just the thing.

Ladies & gentlemen, I give you......... The Honey Badger.

via DesignLovefest, duh.

what you’ll need:
- 1 orange sliced into wedges

- 1 bottle of champagne (doesn’t even have to be the good stuff)

- 1 oz of st. germain (if you don’t have this in your liquor cabinet, or on your fancy bar cart – get it- immediately!!)

- 1 oz of honey syrup : so here’s the thing.  honey syrup sounds very fancy.  it’s not.  you do have to make it, but it’s really easy and it will most definitely get you respect amongst your peers once you have it in your arsenal.

- i encourage you to tell people that you make your own honey syrup, offer it up to them to put in their ice tea or just find a way to sneak it into conversation, like, “did you watch the bachelorette last night?  is that honey syrup?”

what to do:
- first you need to make the aforementioned honey syrup.

- heat 1 cup honey and 1 cup water in a pan, stirring until it simmers then remove from heat.  once cooled you can pour it into a cute jam jar or glass bottle and store in the fridge.

- add 1 oz of the cooled honey syrup to your favorite cocktail glass

- also add the st. germain

- squeeze one of the orange wedges into the mixture and plop the wedge into the glass

- top off the glass with champagne, give it a quick stir and you’re all set.

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