Flowa' Powa'

So, I've been a little remiss in my blogging lately. I tried to get at least one post a week, & eventually had to stop reading some of my favorite blogs completely. I finally had some free time today & I've decided that I'm never going let that happen again. Seriously, if something makes you this happy it should be a priority, right?

Aaaaanyway, it seems I have developed a touch of Spring Fever. Minnesota winters seem to tease you with spring right before they bite you in the ass with a fresh batch of snow. C'est la vie, I suppose. 

If you haven't caught the Spring bug yet, here are a few things to get you going (I'm also feeling a bit purple today). 

You can find all these lovely Spring Fever inducers on my Pinterest page. If you haven't joined up yet & you have the same penchant for the visually stimulating as I do, I suggest you do so!
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