Scotch Combo

I stopped painting my nails almost 2 years ago because I found out how toxic nail polish is. Seriously, google it. There are reasons that you're not supposed to breathe in those fumes. 

Fastforward to yesterday, when I stumbled across Scotch nail polish at A Thread (also a new favorite site; they have free shipping going on until June 30th so get your butt over there!). It has none of the toxins that most nail polish does & it's cruelty free, which is something I committed to in my post on Lush

Oh and side note ---- the color is freaking adorable! It's a tad pricey but after abstaining for 2 years, I think I deserve it. 

Originally I was going to publish this as a post that was just about Scotch, but I really can't help myself.  Right after I first published the post, I went to snag the polish at A-Thread & what do they ask me?

What is your charity?

So, not only do they carry toxin free & cruelty free nail polish, not only do they have free shipping until the end of June, not only do they have some of the cutest clothing ever, but they also give 5% of your purchase to one of four deserving nonprofits as part of their Shop & Effect program. Honestly in todays world of greedy capitalism, that is remarkable & definitely earns them a spot in my top 3 favorite shopping websites. Well done, A-Thread!

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